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5 Best Double Bathroom Vanities

By Glam&Chic Home August 04, 2022 0 comments

If you're renovating or building your home, the bathroom is an integral part of the plan. Bathrooms can help in resale value and add to your living experience. After a long day, you can unwind in the bath or the shower. Furthermore, you'll get ready, store medications, and brush your teeth in your bathroom. Needless to say, you'll spend a lot of time there. 

When planning the bathroom, a vanity is one of the most eye-catching pieces. They are just as functional as they can be beautiful. For larger bathrooms, you may opt for a double sink vanity. There are several benefits to this! We will discuss the benefits and some of our favorite options on the market. 

Double Bathroom Vanities

Before diving into some of the best vanities, we will elaborate on the benefits. This will help create a guideline for your build or rebuild. 

Where To Put a Double Bathroom Vanity

One of the main considerations with vanity size is how much space you have. If you only have small bathrooms, it may not fit a double sink bathroom vanity. Many people wonder, "what is the standard size for a double sink vanity." Most commonly, it is 60 to 72 inches. Because of this, your bathroom must have room. 

Powder rooms and half bathrooms are often relatively small. Those bathrooms are best suited for a single vanity or pedestal sink. Master ensuites are the most common places to have a double vanity. Furthermore, a Jack-and-Jill bathroom may also accommodate the size.  

Benefits of Double Vanities

double sink vanity

80.7 in Contemporary Double Sink Vanity Wood Black


There are many benefits of double vanities that make them popular. Some of the most notable benefits include: 

  • More Storage Space

  • In your bathroom, you'll require storage space. Most people store makeup, hair products, and skincare. You may also put towels and cleaning products there. The need for storage in a bathroom is essential. With a double vanity, you often get double the storage space. This will ensure that you can store everything neatly so your bathroom doesn't look cluttered. 

    This is especially important when two people share a bathroom. A fully-rounded vanity will offer both drawers and cupboards for storage. You'll likely have double the products, so having double the space is preferred. 

  • More Countertop Space

  • While hidden storage is a necessity, countertop space is equally important. Most homeowners keep their most-used products on the countertop. For example, a toothbrush holder will hold a toothbrush or toothpaste. You may want a small, portable towel holder for hand towels or face cloths. Countertop space can also be used as a place for decor. 

    Having a double sink vanity top will make a massive difference in your bathroom. It will also add a luxe experience. A beautiful countertop will compliment your bathroom. These small considerations will greatly impact your design or redesign plans. 

  • Personal Sinks

  • As we age, there's a good chance we will share our homes with a significant other. This means that a shared bedroom and shared ensuite are highly likely. Thanks to a double vanity, you won't have to share the same sink! Each person will have an individual sink that they can use. This adds a personal touch to your bathroom. 

    With the sink, you'll likely get personal storage space. Most sinks have a cupboard or drawers beneath them. This allows you your own space to store your belongings and toiletries. 

  • Backup Sink

  • As much as we hate to admit it, plumbing emergencies can happen at any time. There's nothing more inconvenient than having a sink out of commission. We need our sinks to wash our hands and brush our teeth! If you have a damaged or non-working sink, it can throw a wrench into your daily routine. 

    With a double vanity, you'll have a backup sink in an emergency. This will be a huge bonus if you need it. This isn't something you think about until you're in need, but you'll be thankful you did. 

  • Visually Pleasing 

  • As you plan out your bathroom design, it's essential to consider what will look best! We all want our bathrooms to look as good as they function. This will create a spa-like and relaxing experience. Furthermore, it'll help with resale value down the road. 

    A single vanity won't take up enough room if you have a large space. This can look incomplete and unfinished. A double vanity will fill in the bathroom and look beautiful. High-end vanities are made with luxurious countertops and premium cupboard materials. This will transform the look and feel of your bathroom. 


    Our 5 Favorite Vanities

    If you're in the market for a double bathroom vanity, this article is where to start. We will outline some of our favorite vanities. These options will balance functionality with beauty so that you can feel good about your bathroom. 

  • Water Creation: 60 Inch Pure White Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with Matching Framed Mirrors and Faucets from The Derby Collection

  • white double sink vanity

    White cupboards have grown in popularity over the past several years. A crisp white makes a bathroom look clean and spa-like. This double vanity by Water Creation features gorgeous white cupboards with four functional drawers for storage. Made of 100% hardwood, this vanity will last a lifetime. 

    Featuring marble countertops, this vanity takes luxury to a new level. The modern oval-shaped mirrors and the sleek faucets will complete the look of this 60-inch vanity. There are two undermount ceramic sinks in a beautiful oval shape. Water Creation has thought of it all to ensure an easy installation and planning process. 


  • Water Creation: Chestnut 72 Inch Double Sink Carrara White Marble Countertop Vanity in Brown Oak with Gooseneck Faucets and Mirrors 

  • double sink vanity



    If you prefer more rustic styles, then this gorgeous chestnut vanity is the way to go. Designed by Water Creation, this large 72-inch vanity features four functional drawers and two double-doored cabinets. The hardware is finished in satin gold, which adds a level of luxury to the bathroom. 

    The drawers have a silent close feature that deters slamming as they are made with solid hardwood. The countertops are made out of Italian Carrara white marble that is 1-inch thick. These countertops are durable and beautiful. 

    The mindful design and build of this vanity ensure a long lifespan. You can feel good about your investment. Because vanities aren't cheap, it's vital to choose high-quality products that will stand the test of time. 

  • Stufurhome: Valeria Gloss White 59-Inch Wall Mounted Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

  • double sink vanity

  • If you don’t want your bathroom to be overwhelmed by a vanity, then this one's for you! Made by Stufurhome, this white vanity is floating, so it looks more minimal in nature. There are two functioning drawers and two cabinets for storage. Each drawer and cabinets are soft-closing, so you won’t have to worry about slamming them. 

    Installation is easy and can be done without professionals. The hardware is included to mount it to the wall successfully. It can hold up to 300 pounds, so all of your products can be stored in it without worry.  For an easy setup and gorgeous vanity, opt for the Valeria by Stufurhome. \

  • Stufurhome: Alisson Dark Blue 60 Inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

  • double sink vanity

    If you're looking for a moody and unique addition to your bathroom, this vanity by Stufurhome is perfect. The vanity is made out of solid wood and finished with a gorgeous and sleek white marble countertop. The hardware is finished in beautiful brushed brass, which adds an effortless pop of elegance to the vanity. 

    Both sink basins are made out of ceramic and are pretty deep. This will accommodate washing your face and hands and brushing your teeth. The free-standing design with sturdy stainless-steel feet ensures that it is stable on any flooring. If you want to add an edgy flair to your bathroom, this gorgeous vanity is the best way to do it. 

  • Bellaterra Home: 55 Inch Double Vanity in Brown Ash Finish with White Carrara Top and Rectangle Sink 

  • double sink vanity

  • Go the extra mile with this gorgeous 55-inch vanity by Bellaterra. The hardware is a unique Plantation-style wrought iron, which beautifully complements the brown ash wood. You won't find anything else like this on the market! This vanity is the perfect fit for a traditional or rustic-styled home. 

    This more petite double vanity doesn't lack storage space at all. There are three functional drawers and two double-doored cabinets for your convenience. The eco-friendly stain and topcoat ensure that the unit won't peel, crack, or fade. Finished with a Carrara marble countertop adds a pop of lightness to the unit that balances the dark hues.


    If you’re in the market for a double sink vanity, these five options will transform your bathroom. Regardless of your personal style, one of these vanities will complement your bathroom and add a feeling of elegance to it. Upgrading to a double vanity is one of the most practical ways to make use of your space. Opt for a double vanity if you're looking to design or redesign a master ensuite, Jack-and-Jill bathroom, or large area.

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