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Average Return on Investment for Bathroom Remodels

By Glam&Chic Home September 28, 2021 0 comments


Bathrooms are among the most common topics of discussion among home buyers nowadays. A gloomy, outdated bathroom - particularly the master bath - pushes possible buyers back. A clean, elegant, modern bathroom, on the other side, could be a great selling factor.


A bathroom remodeling in your house gives you the chance to build the beautiful restroom of your fantasies or to set your properties for sale. In any case, knowing your prospective bathroom remodel Return on investment is critical to assisting you in making the best financial choices feasible.


When considering the return on investment (ROI), several factors can influence the market price of your home. Examine the existing state of your bathroom to look for signs of wear and tear, spills, or damage.

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Bathroom Remodeling Categorizations

Bathroom remodels have been usually categorized as moderate, upmarket, or general renovations. These categories may sometimes take into account how much you invest, and yet mainly what you spend it on.


1. Midrange Bathroom Remodel

 This remodeling could involve flooring, walls, toilets, and accessories. All the aesthetics and components will be mid-grade and will be regarded as good but not top of the range. Faucets could be updated to individual handles as well as fresh vanity tops/sinks could be placed. This kind of remodeling would normally cost in the area of $19-21,000 and will see roughly a 70 percent ROI.

 2. Upscale Bathroom Remodel

The expense of luxury refurbishment has a larger scope simply because of what has been accomplished. It can require increasing the area, removing or installing features including a walk-in shower.

Best of the finest products are chosen for a genuinely luxury space. Think rainfall showering nozzles, marble flooring, and free-standing baths. Based on the improvements you made, the average price of an upmarket bathroom makeover ranges in the $60,000 area with an approximate ROI of 56-58 percent.

 3. Universal Bathroom Remodel

This redesign relates to alterations done to the bathroom to make it handicap-friendly or ADA permitted. This can be bigger doors, an elevated lavatory, assistance rails, and a roll-in shower.

These improvements will attract a certain consumer and also have a higher ROI than some other categories. With an approximate $16,000 investment, you may get a Return on investment of 71 percent.



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Get the Most Value for Your Cash

Other techniques to enhance your return on investment with a bathroom remodel include:

  1. If anything is damaged, repair it. Even if you do not intend to replace all of the tiles on the floor, repairing the damaged one is a low-cost upgrade.
  2. If you choose to preserve the vanities, refinish it and/or replace the original equipment with something trendier.
  3. Select moderate colors and styles if you intend to resell your home in the coming years. While you may enjoy using vibrant colors, your potential buyer may not.
  4. When it comes to materials, look for bargains and leftovers to receive the most value for your dollars.



A bathroom remodel is an excellent method to increase the value of your house and provide a huge profit. You don't plan to sell? There are still numerous reasons to remodel. So, even if you're remodeling for your own pleasure and satisfaction, you can be sure that you'll profit financially when the time comes to sell.


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