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Facts About Modern and Classic Bathroom Vanities

By Rupesh Sri December 27, 2022 0 comments

It is pretty likely that you use the bathroom vanity many times every single day. Be it while brushing our teeth, applying makeup, shaving, or even washing up, while doing it all, we spend countless hours of our life right in front of the combination of sink-countertop. However, have we even considered this ever that whether we are looking for the classic bathroom vanities or the modern bathroom vanities?

In case you are like most of the homeowners, there isn’t much to answer here. However, what you can do is take a few minutes and try to boost the knowledge of yours with some of the interesting facts about the bathroom vanities, and who knows, you call out to us at Glam & Chic Home or any of your nearest stores in the next hour for the help you need or for the changes you expect within your bathroom. Fun Facts about Bathroom Vanities

• What is Vanity?

In terms of today, Vanity can be said to be the bathroom furniture piece that combines together the countertop, mirror, and the sink. However, vanities can have a lot more features than just these.

There are some of the modern bathroom vanities that incorporate the lights, built-in shelves, architectural styling details, and the like. In consideration of functionality and design, be it the classic bathroom vanities or the modern ones, they are one of the important elements for the overall installations within the bathroom.

• Origination of Vanities- Brief History

Before the existence of the indoor plumbing, the vanity tables were the typical bed chambers. It used to be the table with the built-in basis wherein the people were easily able to wash the hands and their faces in the morning and at night.

With the invention of modern bathroom vanities, a lot of the basic shape of the vanity table was retained. It brought in the flat countertop along with the basin. However, all of it was moved to the dedicated space of the bathroom.

• Why are Vanities called Vanities?

Vanities today, they were originally known as the toilet tables. There are some records by Thomas Chippendale, one of the renowned cabinetmakers from London, making in 1762, the “toylet table”. Now, over the centuries, this popular term started being called as the dressing table and, finally, the vanity table.

• How big can Modern or Classic Bathroom Vanities get?

The bathroom vanities standard height in some places is 32 inches, while in others, it is 36 inches. This height is based on the comfort of the ones using it.

Originally the vanities got built at standard height for accommodating the bathrooms that were shared by the adults and the kids. However, today, modern bathroom vanities are getting built higher so that it doesn’t need much bending and hunching. Furthermore, with the growth that can be seen within the bathrooms that are now custom-designed, the height and size are really up to the imagination of one.

• Are the Vanities placement always made in the Bathrooms?

The vanity tables were originally placed in the bathrooms. Now, most of the vanities today get housed in the separate bathrooms, there are some of the interior designers who have started to place in the free-standing tubs and the vanities right inside bedrooms again, which often comes without the dividing walls. Now, this is an unexpected installation of the bathroom choice, which harkens back to the days of plumbing but with the pinch of modern twist added therein.

Connect with Your Remodeling Company for Better Upgrades

If you are planning to make an upgradation within the Vanity, now is the time to connect with Glam & Chic Home or any nearby store and designer who can help you through your requirement.

Be it your requirement for the contemporary Vanity that has sleek detailing or the traditional Vanity that comes with the wooden accents that are Victorian-inspired, Glam & Chic Home are always there to help you find the right piece and ensure perfect remodeling of the bathroom. So, count on us for not just better designs but also the affordable price.

Connect with us to learn more about a perfect bathroom upgradation, and we assure not just to offer you the best results but to keep you informed every step of the way.

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