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How are Modern bathroom vanities Antique too?

By Rupesh Sri February 23, 2023 0 comments

In a time where bathroom vanities have become quite a choice, there exists a highly referred term called antique bathroom vanities. In many cases, such antique vanities aren’t antique in the age but instead remain antique within the design. The modern antique bathroom, when they get well-crafted, they possess some of the common lines, accents of the old-world craftsmanship and the shapes. The Victorian-age designs, they are commonly seen in the antique bathroom vanities that are made today. The solid wood construction and the heavily carved façade, it brings one back to the time when the woodcarving used to be the master craft and was able to elegantly etch the leaves, accents and vines, which were all loved by the public.

Modern Antique Bathroom Vanities

Even though the modern antique-fashioned vanities and bathroom faucets might not have the true age for getting along with classification, today’s antique bathroom vanities do bring with them the heightened durability and function. The bathroom vanity design, along with the internal plumbing, has come along quite a way since the old queens' and kings' time. As of today, such antique vanities, they come complete with the flawless sink and bathroom faucets integration. In many of the cases, they excel in their function, especially in comparison with the modern bathroom vanities. The modern antique bathroom vanities, they also offer the perfect opportunity for reinventing the bathroom, right from top to bottom.

Just think of draping the bathroom in the old-world’s beauty which incorporates the rich and vivid colours, pictures and tapestries which can fit perfectly as per the needs of the Victorian Emperor (like the Queen Victoria).

Though there are some of the purists who, when using the word antique, it means they wish to have the original. Now, it is possible to get a hold of the true antique bathroom vanity and bathroom faucets. However, what one might get in actuality will lack within the functionality. Know that the true antique vanities, they are much of a novelty, and they need complete restoration as well as an update in order to remain functional within the home. Now, that is not to say that original vanities from the past wouldn’t look great in today's bathrooms. In truth, they are or can be the exceptional conversation pieces that add 100% originality to the bathroom. Just one difficulty with such vanities, as per our experts at Glam & Chic, is that, in many cases, one ends up paying higher for the purchase and restoration of true antique vanity, than what one would be paying to purchase the modern bathroom vanity that remains fashioned with the antique designs and styles.

Decide to be Either Old-Schooled or Old

Now, the bottom line is to know whether one should go with being old and choosing true antique or old-school and antique-styled. The choice is all yours. Bathroom vanity manufacturers today are producing some of the exquisite and ornate antique-styled vanities. They look just like the old styles. For sure, the true age is more modern than the antiques. However, when comparing the option to buy old and to spend it on making it new, one will discover that it was way more practical for making the purchase of the new and the designed-to-look bathroom antique.

Further, if you are planning to renovate or update the bathroom and wish to have the antique bathroom vanity styles and designs, go ahead and check out the Glam & Chic wide collection of vanities. We offer the latest furnishings and the fixtures at the affordable price. Be it sinks or modern bathroom vanities, or bathroom faucets, you will be able to find the need for your bathroom furnishings with us. Connect today to see the catalogue and receive the best quote.

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