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The Best Double Vanities to Upgrade Your Bathroom in Style

By Glam&Chic Home May 09, 2022 0 comments

Double vanities can be helpful in many situations. You might share the only bathroom with a partner. If you both need to go to work in the morning, two sinks can speed up preparation times. This setup is convenient for large households, too.

These units are a long-term investment. But they are big, and the sheer size means you'll need a significant budget to acquire them. So, the key lies in finding the best bathroom vanity double sink setup. This guide recommends top-rated products. Check them out and pick the most suitable two-sink unit!


What Are the Best Double Vanities for Your Bathroom?

These units require significant installation space. The standard length is 60 inches, but double sink setups often go up to 85 inches. Confirm the product fits your bathroom before choosing it. Some other considerations include:

  • Material. The sinks are usually ceramic. As for the cabinets, you can pick between marble, granite, and other options.

  • Style and finish. You can find double vanities in modern, traditional, and other designs. It's possible to pick between brown ash, rustic bronze, and various finishes that complement your bathroom.

  • Installation type. Some double vanities are freestanding. Other setups require mounting to a wall, so it's all about your preference.

  • Budget. The entry-range products cost up to $2,000. High-quality and premium double vanities can even have a $5,000 price tag.

Here are some units worth trying and currently available in the market!

1. Stufurhome Cassandra 60 Inches Bathroom Vanity Double Sink

60 Inches Bathroom Vanity Double Sink

    Who says that a bathroom fixture can't look rustic and classy? It will seem like this cabinet belongs in the main living area the first time you see it. Stufurhome picked dark cherry as the dominant color in this design. The result is a traditional design that fits into luxury rooms. You'll notice the cabinet features strong MDF that should last for years.

    Cassandra's bathroom vanity double sink setup features a smooth granite countertop. Its Baltic brown color complements the cabinet well. The surface is resistant to stains and resilient to scratches and damage. 

    You get significant storage space with a couple of two-door central cabinets. The central part features four drawers you can share with the other users. It's not the biggest vanity out there since it is only 60 inches long. However, the sinks are surprisingly deep. Their measurements include 13.25x16.5x6.25 inches. You'll notice faucet holes are ready. There are three per side, but you don't get drains or faucets.

    2. Bellaterra Home Contemporary Double Sink


    Home Contemporary Double Sink


      If you can accommodate a large vanity setup, this can be the perfect unit. Bellaterra Home designed a massive double-sink installation that's 80.7 inches long. It's a freestanding type, ensuring you can position it anywhere. You receive the top separately from the base. The manufacturer used white ceramic for the upper surface. While it's not the most durable option, it has reasonable durability.

      Birch is the primary material of this double sink bathroom vanity. It has a nickel finish, while leg caps feature chrome. The sleek black wood color is the perfect contrast to the white countertop. This design is ideal for modern bathrooms. As a bonus, it features sharp and clean lines that fit the contemporary style.

      You get two sinks, with each having a pre-set faucet hole. The white ceramic sink is 18.5 inches long. Although it could be deeper, it still gives enough space for all your desired endeavors. The manufacturer includes a 1-year defect warranty. While the unit requires a small setup, the installation is simple.

      The cabinets feature main drawers on each side. Three additional compartments are in the middle. You'll notice an empty space between two sinks. It's ideal for bathroom essentials or decorations like fake flowers.

      3. Bellaterra Home 48.8 inches Wall Mount Style Sink Double Vanity


      48.8 in Wall Mount Style Sink Double Vanity


        Here's something different from all the other products mentioned. This setup changes the answer to the question, "What is a double vanity?" While it serves two people, this unit actually has a couple of separate parts. They are independent but work well together.

        Another distinctive feature of this vanity is its compact size. Its total length is 48.8 inches, with the other measurements being 19.5x23.6 inches. That ensures you can fit this setup in a small bathroom. But this is a wall-mount product. It's an additional space saver that complicates the installation. The manufacturer provides all the necessary hardware. If you follow the instructions, you can finish the setup quickly.

        This double vanity uses solid birch for the cabinet. It's 100% wood, ensuring there are no particle boards or MDF. The rich walnut finish makes the unit look classy. It's also semi-closing waterproof that secures protection against bathroom humidity. Each section comes with the main compartment. It offers decent storage space, but the drain setup takes away some.

        The countertop features white ceramic, and it's essentially a sink. The bowls are 20 inches long and 6 inches deep, delivering huge basins to bathroom users. You might think the price is a bit high for a compact unit. But the superb quality offered by this product secures maximum value for money.

        4. Stufurhome Brittany Dark Blue Double Vanity

        Stufurhome Brittany Dark Blue Double Vanity

          The manufacturer enjoys calling its bathroom setups by female names. This option is Brittany, and it features a classic setup with a modern design. You notice the dark blue color the moment you enter the area. It goes well with the clean edges that round up a subtle design.

          The double bathroom vanity with sink is only 60 inches long. However, it takes every fragment of space to the maximum. The setup features a couple of two-door cabinets. They are the main compartments, and you'll also find a bottom drawer on each side. You'll notice the additional space in the middle. Users can share four drawers located there. Although they are narrow, it's easy to find a way for them to be helpful. It's worth noting all drawers have a soft-closing mechanism to avoid noise.

          Stufurhome Brittany comes with under-mount sinks made from porcelain. The manufacturer went with a rectangular shape, more suitable for modern decors. It's worth noting that the setup comes with a mirror. The accessory has a wood framing around it and makes the entire set. It's a bundle that can save you money and the time you'd spend on buying a mirror separately. Add the solid wood construction and handcrafted details to the equation. The result is a top-quality double vanity setup that's well worth its price.

          5. Water Creation Chestnut 72 inches Double Sink Vanity in Grey Oak



          If you are a rustic style fan, this collection is right up your alley. The double vanity bathroom sink is 72 inches long and features grey oak as the dominant color. The coating features multiple layers to better withstand the test of time. You'll find a solid hardwood construction underneath the finish. The manufacturer claims there are no particle boards, putting the overall price tag a bit higher.

          The Chestnut Collection has metal knobs on cabinets. They have an oil-rubbed bronze finish for better aesthetics. The cabinet design seems convenient. Each side has an upper drawer for essentials you need to reach quickly. The main compartments serve to place towels and other bathroom items. Finally, there are four drawers in the middle. If you need to keep some things nearby, there's enough space between the sinks.

          The white marble countertop is an excellent fit for this unit. It blends well and avoids being too noticeable. The upper surface is one inch thick to ensure optimal robustness and durability. You can choose gooseneck faucets provided by the manufacturer or buy others separately. You get a widespread 8-inch three-hole setup on the countertop. The entire unit is freestanding, ensuring you can install this vanity anywhere.

          6. Bellaterra Home 82.7 inches Antique Double Sink Vanity



            Is this a large unit offering ample storage space? Does it have a unique and unusual design? Can you describe it as rustic and luxurious? This setup answers all three questions with a yes. If that's the product type you are after, it will exceed your expectations.

            The distinctive feature of this bathroom vanity with double sink lies in its central part. The three drawers connect the two sections. It might seem like they glue the sides together. Some find it looks artificial, but others enjoy the unique design.

            It's vital to note this is a high-end and luxurious vanity. Not only does it feature a wood cabinet, but you'll also find hand carving. Birch has a classy walnut finish with a waterproof rating. The Carrara white marble is the countertop material, while the sinks are from white ceramic. They have an oval shape and fit seamlessly with the unit's upper surface.

            The antique brass finish on knobs and other hardware contributes to the rustic design. Ultimately, the unit looks like a furniture piece from a traditional home. If that's how classy you want to make your bathroom, this unit is a perfect choice. The product is freestanding, simplifying positioning and installation.

            Final Thoughts

            The first step is deciding on the desired bathroom vanity double sink length. Once you are sure about the suitable dimensions for the desired location, it's time to pick a product. If you don't want to risk, choosing a 60-inch double vanity is a wise move. Online stores offer bigger options, going up to 85 inches in length. It's up to you to pick the desired features. The most convenient part is you can order from the comfort of your home. Submit your request in seconds and enjoy while waiting for the vanity to arrive!

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