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The Pros and Cons of Marble Bathroom Countertops

By Glam&Chic Home May 23, 2022 0 comments

Countertops make a big statement in any room. If you're designing a new or remodeled bathroom, you might be considering different countertops. The material options are vast, along with the price points. One countertop that might be on your radar is marble. This material has been used in homes for over 2000 years. There are many pros and cons that come along with using marble. 

This article is for you if you're considering a marble vanity top. We will discuss the benefits and downsides of installing marble. 

Pros and Cons of Marble

Marble Countertop


It's essential to know the pros and cons before investing in marble. Bathrooms are an eye-catching room in your home. They can add property value, function, and style to your house. Therefore, choosing suitable materials is critical. To determine if marble is right for you, keep reading. 


There are several benefits to a marble countertop bathroom vanity. In fact, we have identified eight pros to this stone.

  • Maintains Its Value 

If you’re going to invest in anything, you want it to maintain its value. This will ensure that resale value will be preserved. Marble's rival, granite, loses its value over time. Marble doesn’t have this problem. In the past years, granite has become less favored amongst homeowners. Marble has been a favorite countertop material for hundreds of years. Whether you sell your home tomorrow or in a decade, it’s likely that potential buyers will still appreciate your countertops.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing 

If you're looking for a significant "wow" factor when installing countertops, marble will do that. Marble vanity countertops are elegant and instantly elevate a space. It's well-known for being pricey and less common than other materials. Because of this, it will draw the attention of any guests. Artists and sculptors have used marble for years. This is in part to its beautiful appearance. It will also complement many different design themes in your home.

  • Heat Resistant 

Heat is commonly considered in a kitchen. However, it's also crucial in a bathroom. Many women use hot tools to do their hair. This includes curling irons, hairdryers, and straighteners. These tools get incredibly hot. With the wrong countertop material, it can melt or become altered. A marble top bathroom vanity is very heat resistant. This means that it can withstand the heat of any hair products that you use. This will be an essential factor if you accidentally forget to turn your curling iron off.

  • Naturally-Occurring 

If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that nature is beautiful! Adding components of nature to any space makes a significant impact. Marble is naturally occurring. This means that each piece of marble will be completely unique. It brings the beauty of nature into your bathroom. This is far more appreciated than laminate countertops or other man-made materials.

  • Long-Lasting

There's no avoiding that marble requires maintenance to upkeep it. However, when done right, the stone is long-lasting. Bathroom models and renovations are a pricey investment. You likely want all components to last as long as possible! Thankfully, marble can stand the test of time. Marble will last incredibly long in master bathrooms, where there isn't constant traffic or kids being rough with it. To maintain the marble, follow steps from the manufacturer. This will keep your marble top vanity sink looking fresh and beautiful. 

We also recommend following proper cleaning instructions for your specific type of marble. For example, search "How to clean Carrara marble vanity top" for non-abrasive cleaning tips.

  • Unique 

Homes a few decades ago commonly had laminate countertops. Over the past decade, granite and quartz have become all of the rage. One material that has been loved for centuries but not overused: marble. Because of its price point and other factors, marble isn't commonly found in homes. This is especially true for middle-class families. Because of this, it's always a unique addition to a home. 

Also, because marble is a natural stone, each slab is unique. You'll be able to enjoy beautiful veining and features in each piece.

  • Variety 

If you want a customized look, the variety of marble can help. Marble comes in four main types: Carrara, Statuary, Calacatta, and Crema Marfil. Each type of marble has different properties. Furthermore, they all are available in different colors and styles. Shop from some primary colors, such as white, blue, brown, red, grey, gold, green, and even orange! There are so many different shades, patterns, and colors of marble. This means that you can completely customize your bathroom with a look that reflects your style.

  • Easy Cutting 

Marble is a softer material. Because of this, it's easy to cut. While this may not seem important, it does mean that you can alter the appearance on your own. Some stones are very thick and hard. This will require heavy-duty tools for any alterations. You can cut and hone this material yourself if you want a DIY project. 



Like all things, marble has some negative considerations. There are many reasons why marble isn’t commonly used. We will outline seven things to consider as you’re shopping for marble.

  • Expensive 

If you're looking for a cost-effective countertop, marble isn't the way to go. The most affordable marble type is Carrara. However, it is significantly more expensive than quartz or laminate. For many, this is easy to overlook. Due to its beautiful properties and increased home value, homeowners can see past the price. However, if you want a budget-friendly bathroom, there are more economical options on the market. 

On the other end of the spectrum is Calacatta marble. This stone is very luxurious. It also closely resembles Carrara. Pricing will also depend on what color you choose and the size of the countertop you're installing.

  • Stains 

Marble is known for being a porous material. This means that it will quickly soak up any color-dense or acidic liquids and stain permanently. There is nothing more annoying than a stain on your beautiful marble countertop. This is important to consider if you dye your own hair at home or use oils in your skincare routine. These activities can permanently alter the color of the marble. 

To avoid staining, you can seal your marble countertops. It’s best to do this once a year. Some stains can be removed with hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. However, this isn’t guaranteed. It’s important to be mindful of sealing and what products are coming into contact with.

  • Heavy

If you want to carry a marble slab up the stairs yourself, you'll have to reconsider! This stone is extremely heavy. Because of this, it can be challenging to install. You'll often need more hands helping to move the slab around. Most importantly, you may have to reinforce the cabinetry. Not all cabinetry is built to withstand heavyweight. You'll want to be mindful about what cabinetry you use. 

This may also limit the style of cupboards you choose. A floating vanity may not work as well. It is often safer to get a built-in vanity to hold the weight of the stone.

  • High Maintenance 

If you want a low-maintenance countertop, opt for something else. Marble can be high maintenance. For many, this is worth the beautiful appearance. One consideration is annual sealing. Some sealants will recommend more or less frequent use. If you want to be extra cautious, seal every six months. 

If you see any stains or spillage on your marble, you'll want to clean it immediately. Otherwise, it may become permanent. Because of this, you'll have to be mindful of your usage. You will also want to avoid abrasive cleaners or harsh sponges. This can also stain and damage the stone.

  • Degrades Over Time 

While proper maintenance can make marble long-lasting, it naturally will begin to degrade. This is something to consider before installing. Signs of degradation may include cracking or chipping. This can be annoying and cause it to look worn down. Because marble is expensive, you want it to last as long as possible. At some point, it will likely need to be replaced.

  • Scratches 

Scratching is unsightly. Small scratches will ruin the brilliance of the marble. This can be annoying. However, we recommend being mindful of this while shopping. Thankfully small scratches can be buffed out. However, you’ll want to be careful while doing this. It’s important to stay away from abrasive sponges, cleaners, or sharp objects. Luckily, this should be easy to do in the bathroom.

  • Repairs 

Some repairs can be done on marble countertops. However, some damage is harder to handle. Marble is a natural stone. It is usually installed in one large slab. Because of this, large chips or breaks are hard to repair. Being careful with the countertop is important to avoid the need for reparation. 

Smaller issues, such as small chips and scratches, can be easily repaired at home. Look for countertop wax, polishing powder, or tin dioxide to complete the job. 



After reading the pros and cons of a marble vanity top, will you invest in it? While there are some things to consider, marble is still a beautiful countertop. It will completely transform your bathroom! Though the material requires maintenance and caution, its appearance and uniqueness are well-loved by homeowners.

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