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Why do you want to have a backsplash for your bathroom vanity?

By Glam&Chic Home September 12, 2022 0 comments

It is a practical question when people buy bathroom vanities. Should I have one? Then what kind? What else do they do besides aesthetics? Let's discuss why you want to have a backsplash with your vanity.


single sink vanity

30 in Felton Single Sink Bathroom Vanity White with Fairy White Quartz Top



What is a Backsplash for a Vanity?

The backsplash is a rectangular shape that goes behind your vanity's countertop. The common backsplash is about 3 to 4" high from the top of the vanity's counter.

If you don't think you need one, then you don't have to buy one. In general, the backsplash is there to protect the wall behind the vanity from any water damage or spills. Another reason we like to recommend is that it is simple to clean the surface of the backsplash when toothpaste or other bathroom products have been smeared on it. They also add aesthetics to your bathroom. It makes your vanity a stylish and well-designed piece.


why do you want to have a backsplash


What types of backsplashes should I buy?

The best way to do this is to use the same material as your countertop. If you countertop is black galaxy granite, you should choose the backsplash the same material. If your countertop is white marble, then choose the white marble backsplash. That would be the best way to complete a bathroom vanity. The other common material is ceramic, which would work well with the white ceramic countertop.

As you see, buying a backsplash with a new bathroom vanity makes sense. If you are planning to update your bathroom, please check out our bathroom vanities in all styles and designs.



why do you want to have a backsplash

31" Single vanity in Glacier Ash finish with Gray granite top and round sink


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